How to Track Your Package
On the Ecuadorean Postal Website

--- ( A quick guide for English speakers ) ---

The Ecuadorean Postal Service is one of the better run institutions in Latin America. It's website is the functional equivalent of a FedEx or DHL, and obtaining information on your package's status is quick and easy. Here are the steps:
1. Log onto the site:

2. Locate the IPS logo. On the right hand column, half way down the page, you will see the "Information Bar." In the box just below is the IPS Web logo.
3. Click on the IPS Web logo.
4. Enter Your Tracking Number.
This can be obtained by request shortly after you place your order on the order form -- (beginning July 8, 2008).
If you don't know, or if you cannot find, your tracking number, please email us.
Enter your tracking number in the field space to the right of "Codigo del Envio" ("Shipping Code"). Upon entering the code, click on the "Enviar" (Send) button. (The "Limpiar" [clean] button is the same as "Clear" on English speaking sites . . . As an aside, you should know that there are several excellent language converters online. Our favorite is: )
5. Find Results.